Process Piping

At Battershell Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we have extensive experience in Process Piping installations used to convey liquids and gases for the manufacturing process. The in-line components (known as fittings, valves, and other devices) typically sense and control pressure, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid.

Our highly trained Plumbers and Pipe Fitters are experts in the field of installing the following systems:

  • Welded Systems
  • Victaulic Systems
  • Plastic pipe such as CPVC, PVC80, etc.
  • Chemical Piping Systems
  • Brazing copper lines for gases, such as argon, compressed air, etc.

We work closely with T.S.S.A. under the Boiler & Pressure Vessels Act to obtain stamped drawings and for final inspections of installed equipment containing process piping systems.

TSSA Boiler and Pressure Safety program regulates all pressure retaining components manufactured or used in Ontario to ensure boilers, pressure vessels and piping systems conform to Technical Standards & Safety Act 2000 applicable regulations, code and standards. TSSA is involved in all aspects of the life cycle of pressure vessels from design to manufacturing, to installation, to operation and maintenance.

Boilers and Pressure vessels include equipment that produces and distributes hot water, steam, compressed air and other compressed liquids and gases used in commerce and industry.